Klaudia: “I have depended on GA while I’m waiting for my SSI to come through”

Klaudia, 26 years old

I have had GA for approximately 3 to 4 years.  I’ve had it so long because my psychiatrist has declared that I couldn’t work, so I have depended on GA while I’m waiting for my SSI to come through.

GA has helped me in so many ways.  Without GA, I wouldn’t be able to take care of my medical and mental health needs.  I suffer from major mental illnesses, and having GA was making it possible for me to see the doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists.  I am also able to get the medications I need on a daily basis.  I really need my medication because without it, I wouldn’t be able to cope with life on a daily basis.  GA doesn’t give a lot of money, but it gives enough for me to pay my co-pays to doctor’s appointments.

If my GA was eliminated, I wouldn’t be able to eat and I wouldn’t be able to see my doctors for my disabilities.

The goals that I do have for my future is that I would like to take my state boards test for cosmetology.  I did already attend and graduatedEmpireBeautySchoolbut I never took my cosmetology test.  Another goal I have is to run a non-profit organization for battered women.

I really hope you consider keeping GA because without it, a lot of people will be lost and it could be damaging to the community.

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  1. Gary Seidel
    June 5, 2012

    I am in a similar predicament, i recently got a denial for SSDI because i was told by many i should have retained a lawyer and i did not so i must re apply but as was said before that small amount of money is a great help to me for my medications i need, basic needs such as hyegene products and occasional needs like shoes. If Gov Corbett cuts these programs it will hurt me very much i would no longer be able to afford my psych medications and other necessary medications i need on a daily basis . I hope Gov Corbett realizes how many people he would be hurting by making these cuts and finds other ways to cut costs instead

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