Tribune Review: “Some could lose temporary cash benefit to state budget cuts”

Some could lose temporary cash benefit to state budget cuts
Mary Ann Thomas

Saturday, June 23, 2012


“Two-hundred-dollars a month doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is when it’s something that you won’t have,” said Bob Boehn, 47, of Kenneth Avenue in Arnold.

Boehn’s blindness was caused by complications of eye cancer.

The cut in his cash assistance will make it difficult for him to pay for transportation, Boehn said.

Since he is blind, access to public transportation already is difficult and limited, especially just getting out the door to reach public buses.

“I can’t walk out of here,” Boehn said. “I’m stranded here,” he said of living in a second-floor apartment. “I got nothing.”

He needs a ride, which costs money, just to reach public transportation to go to a job or retraining.

“It’s going to kill me,” Boehn said. “It’s hard when they take programs away. You’re screwed.”

He continues to look for work, explore retraining and returning to a public high-rise apartment building where access to services is easier.

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