Sign your organization onto a letter to the legislature

Here’s a letter to legislative leaders opposing the GA cuts and other cuts to human services programs. Please let Louise Hayes know whether your organization will sign on. She’s at

Click here for the full sign-on letter sent to legislative leaders in March.




  1. Net-Step
    March 20, 2012

    The cut in funding as we known will have an unbelieviable effect which we only see in the movies. The governor is looking at paper and not the image of what this decision will look like if it were to go through. Stop playing with the lives of those who trying their best to feed their children, get their lives back together, or insurance to take care of whatever mental or physical issues that need to be addressed. People in the addiction field and others I’m sure are already with with less and we don’t need to play with peoples lives with this proposal. Think extremely carefully and listen to the cries of those who elected you into office.

  2. James Smith E
    March 23, 2012

    This proposal is not smart or wise in the decision making of trying to trim the budget, the necessity of General Assistance is a greatly needed benefit for many.Though the benefits of cash/foods stamps as well as insurance is not a lot however it helps in the survival of a many families that need it. There is also another greater purpose that is served,those with alcohol and drug problems,this is essential in the recovery and re-entering of an individuals back into society’s social norms of work and being able to play a part in giving back and paying taxes. There is also the criminal element that will be greatly increased with no stopping once this goes into effect..this can’t be stressed enough just as the Governor is looking at numbers,he has no idea of the repercussions effects it would have.People lives should matter more because,not putting people first will have a grave results.

  3. We are especially troubled by the proposal to eliminate the General Assistance (GA) cash
    assistance program and slash funding for GA-related Medical Assistance. These cuts will
    eliminate a lifeline for people in desperate crises. This is not how Pennsylvanians want our
    government to treat abused women, people with disabilities, orphaned children, and people struggling
    to overcome drug addictions. We urge you to reverse these cuts in the final 2012-13 budget.

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