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General Assistance (GA) is a cash assistance program that serves as a bridge to stability for 68,000 disabled adults, domestic violence survivors, people in intensive drug and alcohol recovery programs, and children who cannot live with their relatives. It is available only to people with no other income, and only to people who can prove they fit into one of these categories. If you can work, you cannot get GA.

Governor Corbett wants to eliminate GA. He says that this will save Pennsylvania taxpapers $150 million. But what is the real cost of eliminating General Assistance? (Hover your mouse over each question below to find out more information about the real costs.)

As you can see, eliminating General Assistance won't save taxpayers money. We will all just be paying the cost in some other, more expensive way. Join us today to tell Governor Corbett and legislative leaders that eliminating GA is economically and morally wrong.